Alpin Swing 2020


Wir freuen uns auf ein Wochenende mit Freunden in Tirol - zusammen Schi fahren, Hüttengaudi, West Coast Swing tanzen und Party machen!


Die dritte Ausgabe verspricht etwas ganz Besonderes zu werden.


Des wird bärig:

- 4 Trainer aus Deutschland und USA

- 2 Schitage mit Marc Heldt & Michael Kielbasa (Donnerstag & Freitag)

- 3 Level Workshops





Michael Kielbasa

 Michael has been training and dancing for the past 20 years, in most styles of Partner Dancing. He lives in San Diego, California and teaches out of Starlight Dance Studio.   As one of the top Champion West Coast Swing Professionals Michael has been traveling, teaching and performing not only in the United States but in countries like Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia. He is known for his instruction, choreography, unique style, approach and quality.   Michael is dedicated to the growth of all Dance, its recognition as a sport and exciting social activity for everyone to enjoy.

"Marc Heldt is an amazing teacher, dancer, event promoter and friend.  He takes his dance training seriously by learning as much as he can, from many world renowned instructors. He seems to have a great balance of continuing to further his knowledge as a teacher, as well obtaining personal goals in his dance career as a competitor. His dance events are highly organized, and on time.  He creates a great balance of professionalism with a friendly environment. We both highly recommend him in any of these capacities."

Jordan Frisbee

Tatiana Mollmann 

Julian Lange & Camille Fumanal-Ulysse

About us :
He’s 1m94. She’s 1m50. He comes from contemporary dancing, she’s from rock’n’roll and salsa, spiced up with some hip hop and jazz. He’s charismatic. She’s elegant. Together, they teach and dance with the same passion. They are a great example of the diversity you can find in West Coast swing. Inspired by their various universes, they will help you to create your own way in WCS, with a twist of technique and a lot of fun.



More about Camille:

She started West coast swing in 2010. Passionate by the freedom she found in the dance, she picks her inspiration everywhere and creates her own style with sensuality, grace, and always with a smile!


More about Julian:

Julian is one of the starters of Hamburg’s WCS scene. His contemporary background and his atypical height make his style unique, and he’s always joyful to share the dance with his partner. 


Schedule Alpin Swing 2020.pdf
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Im Ticketpreis inkludiert: Workshops im jeweiligen Level und Parties (exkl. Schi Tag, Frühstück)

Wir bieten 3 Workshop Level an - ihr könnt selbst zwischen Level 2 oder 3 wählen. 


Für Level 4 sind mindestens 5 WSDC Novice Punkte erforderlich; die Teilnahme über die Audition ist ebenfalls möglich.


Intermediate Level: mind. 16 WSDC Novice Punkte.


Anmeldungen ab 1.10.2019:

Gruppenanmeldungen: mind. 5 Paare (5 Leader, 5 Follower) Preis - 1.100 Euro

Preis ab 1.12. - 120 Euro.

Dafür brauchen wir einen Groupleader!

Anmeldungen für österreichische Teilnehmer unter:



Einzelanmeldung ab 1.10.2019 möglich:

Pro Person - 120 Euro

Preis ab  1.12. - 130 Euro


Intermediate Level - 50 Euro

Intermediate Level ab 1.12. - 60 Euro

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